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Can Deep Cove Real Estate Become the Next Green thing?

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | August 26th, 2008

The Cove always seems (and likely is) greener than the rest of the world to me.  Maybe soon its real estate market will move in that direction-to the benefit of sellers (and the buyers who end up in green homes).  ?)....I was just reading an article on Green Real Estate (Green Your Marketing with Eco features, Realtor magazine, Spring 2008).  The article noted that the trend has caught on so well in the USA that green homes are selling faster and for more money, than non-green homes.  In the past, the cost of being environmentally friendly has been a barrier for some but hopefully this is changing. The article talked about one green rental project in New York (Solaire) which is able to charge rents which are 10-15% higher than other building rates.  It also noted that a project in California called Carsten Crossings outsold its competition 2 to 1...that's pretty impressive!  Hopefully the same attitude will come to the Cove in the near future.....and did you know that we have a great green architect living right here among us in the Cove?????