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Deep Cove Real Estate and EPIC

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | March 20th, 2007

Deep Cove has always seemed to me to have one of the nicest environments on the planet-whether it is the beautiful forested mountains or the lovely ocean-everywhere you look there is natural beauty.  This past weekend, there was an inaugural trade show devoted to encouraging people to protect this beauty.  The first EPIC (Ethical Progressive Intelligent Consumer) tradeshow was held in Vancouver March 16-18. EPIC is an offshoot of GLOBE-an industry environmental trade show that I frequently attended as part of my environmental law practice. From my perspective, EPIC was much more interesting and applicable on a day to day basis. 
In many ways, EPIC was like a home show devoted entirely to things we can do in our lives to minimize the impacts we have on the environment and to protect ourselves from harmful substances in the environment.  There was a wide range of exhibitors showing building supplies, waste reduction approaches, healthy food, clothing made out of recycled material, etc.  There was even a mini car show!  There were also seminars on a wide range of issues of interest to the environmentally conscious consumer. We attended one on how to "green" your office-there was another session I would have loved to attend on how to "green" your home but unfortunately we missed that one......If you would like more information about the show (which, given the crowds, will likely be repeated next year) the website address is:  http://www.epicvancouver.com/