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Small Markets - Big Profits....could the Cove be a micro market as the rest of North America slows?

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | August 21st, 2007

Small Markets - Big Profits

Analysts are advising that micro-markets, areas that remain in demand during downturns, continue to make good investments in metropolitan areas with declining real estate sales and prices.  These markets are proof that different zip codes and neighborhoods have their own unique market patterns that can defy national downturns.


Micro-markets are found in metropolitan areas with strong local economies that continue to generate jobs and raise incomes.  Most micro-markets are apparently located in established neighbourhoods close to the urban centres so residents don't have a long commute to work.  House prices are above average in micro-markets with highly regarded school systems and low crime.


During correction phases many micro markets remain strong and ripe for investment.  I think micro markets could include the entire lower mainland-although that is not how the term would usually be applied. Waterfront properties and those with views also hold their value and again, while not what the term usually refers to, meet the criteria generally.  The Cove has many of the criteria usually found in a micro market although it may not be in close enough proximity to downtown to qualify.  However, we can see how much more popular the Cove has become over the past few years, so who knows?  If we look at local neighbourhoods as micro markets as the term is usually used, some local micro-markets I'm keeping an eye on are:  Main Street, Point Grey, Strathcona, Kitsilano, and the downtown Vancouver core.

(source: Housing pockets defy real estate downturn, Detroit Free Press Aug 12, 2007)