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Are Properties Near Cell Phone Towers Bad For Your Health And Investment?

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | August 28th, 2007

Are Properties Near Cell Phone Towers Bad For Your Health And Investment?


            Some assert that cell phone towers may be the nuclear power plants of the 21st century.  Growing opposition to cell towers is spreading as awareness and concern over the possible negative health effects grows.  A growing number of scientists and citizens are concerned that the electromagnetic fields generated by the towers may be disrupting our bodies' natural electrical pulses. 

            One former telecommunications worker in Australia protested the increasing number of cell towers in his neighbourhood by stealing a tank and using it to knock down six towers and an electrical substation.  Closer to home in BC and Ontario concerned groups are using more conventional means of protest and attending City councils and government planning commission meetings in their communities.

            Many scientists and citizens are urging their governments to start subjecting cell towers to environmental reviews and regulations.  At the 2006 meeting of the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety 42 scientists from 16 countries signed a resolution arguing for much stricter regulation of EM fields from wireless communication.

            Even though the data on the negative health effects caused by cell towers is still emerging, there is cause for concern.  As the backlash against the towers continues to mount investing in property near cell towers is becoming a risky proposition, especially in Australia!  While I haven't yet heard of it being an issue, who knows what will happen here....