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Love Biking? Kayaking? then you'll love Deep Cove

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | March 8th, 2008

Love Biking? Kayaking? then you'll love Deep Cove

Its another great day-a bit cold and wet but I have 2 waterfront open houses in Deep Cove today and one tomorrow-where better to spend the weekend than in Deep Cove on the water!

Someone was asking me the other day why I love Deep Cove so much....they only knew 3 things about the Cove-its where you go to mountain bike, kayak (i never know how to spell that word kyack, kayak, etc!) and eat big donuts.....well yes Deep Cove is a great place to ride a mountain bike, kayak, go hiking up the Baden Powell trail and at the end of it all, eat a huge donut (I also think Deep Cove Pizza has some of the best pizza in town!) but there is a lot more to it than that. 

It's funny, even my assistant said to me the other week-when i was offering on someone else's waterfront Deep Cove listing to buy it for myself-she said "is that for vacation?" I of course laughed and said-no I am going to live in Deep Cove! She said-isn't it far? I invited her to my next waterfront open house in the Cove...well she was speechless! She said it only took her minutes to get there from downtown and it was SSSSSOOOOOOOO beautiful (yes it is!).  A couple of hours later, I called her and she was still in Deep Cove-she had a Honey's donut in hand and was just hanging out in the Cove.....

Maybe i should have people email us as to Why I Love Deep Cove.....it could even be a contest.....what should the prize be? A weekly donut at Honey's (couldn't be a daily one as the health implications of that could be a problem!)? A kayak rental and mountain biking with Chaz and then a donut?  Hmmmm-i may have to put something like this together!  I'll add it to the to do list....of course I would need to make sure people are actually reading this blog.