Thinking of Selling your Deep Cove home?

Well if you are on this website, you probably realize that I love the Cove and am focused on providing the best possible mechanisms to market Deep Cove properties to local buyers and those from around the world-this website is part of that. I am a third generation realtor and real estate in Deep Cove has always been a passion of mine. I used to own one of the waterfront cottages on Panorama and even before I started selling real estate, I spent most of my weekends visiting all of the Deep Cove houses, apartments, etc and I have continued to love this marketplace. I also have training which most realtors do not have which opens up a number of unique marketing options for my Deep Cove sellers.

I am one of a very few Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists-whether you own a luxury view or waterfront home, or something more modest, the knowledge garnered from this training has taken our ability to provide exceptional marketing options to our clients to a level not offered by most. I have always thought that knowledge, professionalism, passion and marketing skill were key factors to sell real estate well. I am quite sure that we have the most extensive, effective marketing program available. I can honestly say that, if I were selling a home in the Cove, I would hire me! And if you are selling somewhere where we don't have the expertise, we would be happy to find you a good realtor.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your home, our skills and our multilingual team with you to demonstrate why our ability to sell your home is above and beyond what you would expect. If you're thinking of selling your home in the near future, or if you would just like to know what's happening in the market in the area, we can help you. Please fill out the form below to request a free evaluation of your home or to discuss other real estate/Deep Cove issues. If you are selling a waterfront home, you might also want to visit our waterfront website.